Canbus Explained

Canbus modules are often needed for 2 types of vehicles:

1) Vehicles fitted with a solid state circuit protection unit (BCM) that measures the current draw and / or voltage. (vehicles known to require Canbus modules are the 2014-2015 PX MK1 Ford Ranger, and the 2014-2018 Mazda BT-50).

2) Negatively switched vehicles (common with Toyota and Nissan).


When you use the Vehicle Selector tab to purchase our Vanquish LED headlight conversion kit, Canbus modules will be added to your cart automatically if they are required (for all listed vehicles).

If your vehicle is not listed, it is recommended you Google your vehicle, or check with your local car dealership for further information before installing LED's.

If you have already installed a LED headlight conversion kit and your vehicle is not fitted with a Canbus correction module, your car dash will normally display a globe failure warning. You might also find that your low beam headlight is no longer working. Do not continue until you have installed Canbus, as the fault can only be logged a limited number of times before the vehicle's BCM is destroyed.

The Canbus modules we sell have been tested and proven to work with our Vanquish headlight conversion kits.

Article By: LLA

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