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Plugs in lights

Iโ€™m not happy as one of my lights came off while driving and where the white plug is where factory screw screws into came out and plastic was broken

Supernova - The most underrated lights.

The lights are so good that they'll mostly end up as family inheritance and be handed down to my future generations as heritage. Maybe some 100 years from now, when I'm in the grave and anticipating the Lord's return (and I mean it), these lights will be featured in some Antiques Roadshow, in excellent shape and perfect working order with all the bills showing it's legitimate purchase and my emails to remind people of the superb customer support from Supernova. Yes, outstanding customer support, the best I've come across. It could also be that all other customer support is so crappy that Supernova seems the best. Lol. No seriously!!! Even when Supernova couldn't deliver on what they promised due to circumstances beyond their control, they more than made up for it. Well, this may be a long review.

My story, I have been looking to get lights on my Kluger for a while now. I'm trying to make the Kluger into some all-purpose car, SUV, ATV. I'm still wondering where it's gonna end up; I looked at so many lights in this pursuit. Nothing on the market comes anywhere close to Supernova Infinite 8.5 in that they perform exactly as they describe it. The product function in the real world is precise as the product description on the website. It's so exact that I later regretted buying an Infinite 8.5 inch. More on that below. And who came up with the useless name Supernova Lights anyway? When you google Supernova Lights, all useless science stuff comes up except for Supernova Lights; hey, the name works on the lights, but you probably need better SEO for your website.

Now, The Supernova Infinite 8.5 inch - it's not often you come across a product that does exactly what it says does and even more. They are not spotlights as they describe on the website, but hyper hyper hyper spotties. The lights are rated distance is up to 2.2kms. However, I feel it's much higher. I drive on country roads which have like 15-20kms stretches of straight road. When I have oncoming traffic with more light fixtures than I do, they flash their lights when they are barely visible (their LEDs don't seem to bother me at all from a distance they start flashing). Either my eyesight is so poor that I can't see the oncoming traffic flashing their lights, or the Infinite 8.5 spotties are so good that it covers more than the rated 2.2kms. The last time I checked my eyesight, it was excellent, unless the optometrist screwed up. Anyway, it's not on me; it's either the lousy optometrist or excellent Infinite 8.5. I estimate that it's doing like 3.5 km as signboards at that distance light up. The downside to this is since the lights shoot out that far; I'd have to dip them sooner and cover more distance on pathetic low beams than what I would have otherwise. And the light spread from the Infinite 8.5 was lower than what I expected and to my liking, but it's precise as the product description. I'm thinking maybe the spread is not very appealing cause the light beam shooting out is so bright that the light spread seems minuscule. This is despite having a Supernova 42 inch Light Bar - Single Row Delta V2 (yes, I know it's overkill, so stop judging and continue reading).

Now I called Supernova with this concern of the light spread, and they responded that they are coming out with flood covers for the Infine 8.5. They asked me to hold on till August for the flood covers, that'll give the Infinite 8.5 more light spread and then decide if I want to exchange them for another light. They also already arranged for the flood covers to be shipped to me first thing when it's released (Hey Supernova, you could also send me preproduction units for testing and review). From what I know, none of the other manufacturers gives you this much leeway if you want to exchange any of their products 2 months after purchase. Because of this fantastic customer support, I decided not to return the Infinite 8.5.

The Supernova 42 inch Light Bar: Single Row Delta V2 is second to none. The spread is really great when used by itself. The value proposition for this lightbar is just phenomenal. The built quality is excellent. Oh, yea, when I ordered the lightbar, the never-ending lockdown struck again, and the whole shipping process got messed up. When I reached out to Supernova about this, they offered me a jaw-dropping discount (I'm flattered and humbled) for the logistical nightmare beyond their control. Moreover, they arranged express shipping, and I got the lightbar two days before the scheduled delivery (I live in regional WA). Hey Supernova, I have friends looking for lights; you'll have all their business.

Finally, to the LED lighting overlords at Supernova, great job and keep the good stuff coming.

So good i brought more

These microfibers are well priced compared to similar and they're so good I brought more.

These tail lights are fresh as

These tail lights are fresh as. Himod also have an LED indicator globe in these tail light's and it's super bright. Love it!

Hilux black tailights

Best Iโ€™ve ever had. Good light. Looks awesome. Thanks guys.

Hi Kyle,

Thank you! Enjoy.

OEM Quailty

This is my second set of himod tail lights, these new 2021 tail lights are next to OEM quality. Very impressed!

Exactly what you'd expect!

Exactly what you'd expect! Quality is great and having different colours on each side is handy.

Beading like crazy

This product beads insanely well. Will now be sticking with Bowden's Own.

Easy install, look great!

Super easy install for even a novice like myself. They look fantastic and have had many compliments on them. Thank you (before and after pic added)

Thank you Atiah!

Highly Recommended!

If you're looking to upgrade your tail lights, look no further! Their prices are great, installation was easy, instructions were included, and the communication was fantastic from HIMOD when my delivery was delayed during COVID-19. Photos don't do these lights justice! Looking forward to my next purchase!

Thank you so much! Enjoy .

Good product.

Finally got around to fitting these tonight. Easy to fit, good design and look tough and sexy ๐Ÿฟโœ”๏ธ๐Ÿ‘

Hi Gee, thanks for the feedback! Enjoy.

HIMOD Grey Jumper
Jodie Lyne
Amazing jumper

This jumper arrived in 2 days i love the Quilty and they feel great ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Excellent driving lights

They look good on the car and they light up the road well enough so that I can see the animals on the edge of the road.

Glad to hear! Enjoy . Thank you.

Best I've had yet

Supernova Quad V2 Driving lights are the best I've had yet, I had a big 20"bar light my son gave me, I will admit it was good but it didn't look good on my car, Just to big and untidy . I wanted to go back to two single driving lights to fit in the nudge bar, And after a lot of looking I came across these Supernova Quad V2 square driving lights and after reading the specifications on them and for the price these are the ones for me. I have fitted these and not only look good they are great 600m distance is more than enough for me. Thank you HIMOD

Very glad to hear Geoff! Thank you โ˜บ๏ธ.

Aussie made!

Love these Aussie made car care, will be buying more.

Great lights

Easy to fit love the look instructions where easy to follow

Thank you!

Always had supernova these are the best spotlights yet.

Always had supernova these are the best spotlights yet.

Ford ranger smoked taillights

Best aftermarket taillights out

Thank you!

Really great quality clothes
Very happy

Great ๐Ÿ‘

Great ๐Ÿ‘


I thought I'd try another brand of spotlights for my new build, these supernova infinities are the best spot light's I've owned! Before this, I was using another popular brand of spotlights however I'm now converted. Thanks, Himod for the fast delivery.

These are a collapsed sun!

I'm able to just run these spotlights as they're plenty bright enough, no need for anymore led light bars.

Very good quailty

Very good quailty

Black Mitsi Tail Lights

Not sure what the extra couple of goodies were supposed to be, but I didnโ€™t get anything extra. The tail lights are sick though, no regrets at all. Theyโ€™re bright, look the goods and have had a few compliments in the couple weeks theyโ€™ve been on. Easy as to install as well. Highly recommend ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป

Hi Amy, thanks for your feedback & photos much appreciated! Light's look great, enjoy.

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