Why Australia’s Ford Ranger Raptor Is Underrated

In America Ford produces a “Raptor” with a 450hp 3.5L V6, that’s a hefty motor but the Australian market was excluded from this beast in the American Raptor. They decided a 2.0L Biturbo 157kw 4 cylinder would do the job. To many people’s disapproval, this was seen as a mistake by Ford. “Where is the V8?” “A 2.0L? Ha” were common criticisms, but this engine is rather a cog in the works that creates the Ranger Raptor.

The new body style Ford Ranger has been in the Australian car market for over 9 years now and has been a steady contender for the highest selling utility on the market, the Toyota Hilux. A standard Ranger and Ranger Wild Track has provided a great alternative for potential utility customers. But now with Ford introducing the Ranger Raptor, it has added a specific car for individuals who prefer to tackle harder terrain and have the confidence to do so, plus the ability to jump their car is very cool!

The benefits of the Ranger Raptor is that there is no comprise to the extra 150mm lift over the standard Ranger. Often modified utes that have lift kits and extra add-ons usually have heavily affected fuel economy. The Ranger Raptor does 8.2L/100 even with 285/70/17 and a full fox 150mm inch lift. That’s a win for us!  

Our crew at HIMOD love working on these Ranger Raptors and are happy to see these types of vehicles available to the public.

Leave your comments below, we look forward to hearing your opinion!  

- James

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