Best 4x4 Video Games 2020

So what's the best 4x4 video game to jump into in 2020? We've used our own collective video gaming hours to create our favourite 3 games!

1: Pure Rock Crawling (PC) 

This game uses well designed and developed physics to help add realism to the game, this has been lacking from 4x4 games in the past. This game gives you a sense of realism that other games simply haven't touched yet. However it is an indie game, this refers to video games that are developed by individuals or small programers. But there is enough customisation and levels to keep you wanting more. We love the ability to lock diffs in and watch the realistic flex of the in-game cars. Definitely worth adding to the list!

 2: Spintires: Mudrunner (PC, PS4, XBOX, NS)

We've played this game since the original launch of Spintires in 2014, this game unfortunately never saw full development and therefore Spintiries: Mudrunner was born! This game is super entertaining with the ability for multiplayer parties and loads of aftermarket mods to add in-game vehicles like Landcruiser 79 series & Mercedes 6x6. We've spent a lot of time pulling each other out bogs and attempting ridiculous courses. This game is well designed, but unfortunately still has not seen full development and first-person is very basic. However, it's worth playing with your mates if your in need of some 4x4! DLC is worth looking into. 


3: (PC) takes video games physics to another level, the crash physics are unbelievable. From tyre blowouts to chassis bends this crash simulator is frightening accurate! This game requires looking into the community for 4x4 mods to allow you to drive utility vehicles but it's worth it. Damage psychics made this game worth playing for us. The maps are great fun, however, this game is still in development since 2013 so we can expect more and more support in the future. This is not a dedicated 4x4 simulator but the realism makes it worth driving around and seeing how much punishment a vehicle can handle! The graphics are beautiful. 

 Hope this article helps you choose your next 4x4 game to play with your friends! Let us know what your favourite 4x4 video game is! 

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