LED MotorBike HeadLight Globe Upgrade

When it comes to being seen on the roads, increasing your headlights oputput is a surefast way to been seen. 

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If you're looking for a straightforward option for LED headlights, we've got you covered. HIMOD's LED Headlight Globe Conversion Kits are a quick and easy upgrade. Providing superior lighting output with plug-and-play compatibility. 

Over 200% Brighter Then Halogen 

Our LED headlight conversion kits provide 1,920 Lumens per globe. ( Out-Put Out Of Lense )

With this superior lighting, it is important to design the headlight globes to output the light most effectively. Our LED globes housings shape the light output and allow for better distribution to provide the most efficient beam.

Stand Out:

Our globes are designed to reduce glare from road signs and other reflections on the road. We also use a modern-shaped globe housing to ensure the beam is directly where you need it.

To ensure our lumens output numbers are not inflated we have had these tested in a Photometric Sphere ( Inclosed Area Without External Light Input ).

Before / After: Halogen Vs. LED

Designed For Longevity:

With all this light output heat is generated. We’ve integrated active cooling ( Fan Cooling ) in these LED headlight globes to contain the heat.

The Fan cooling is provided by a 10,000 RPM ball bearing fan for reliable cooling with minimal noise.

The fan will change its RPM depending on the heat level to ensure your globes stay at the optimal operating temperature.

We also use cooper heat pipes that run through the headlight to disperse heat effectively.

These headlight globes are designed to include the use of factory dust caps to maintain the water & dust resistance of the headlight housing.  

Light Housing:

  • - German-made thermal paste to increase conductivity to aluminium light housing. 
  • - These headlight globes are designed to include the use of factory dust caps. This allows you to maintain the water & dust resistance of the headlight housing.
  • - Near OEM design to ensure compatibility across applications.
  • - Modern Grey Housing Colour 


Lighting Pros:

  • - Instant Low / Full Beam, no warm-up or waiting time 
  • - 5800k colour temp to avoid output glare 
  • - Near OEM installation fitment to ensure output level is optimal for the vehicle 


  • - IP66 to ensure these handle unavoidable water 
  • - 100% Plug & Play, no need to be a professional. No modifications needed
  • - CANBUS Ready
  • - Long Life Expectancy 


Superior Output:


HOUSING MATERIAL Anodised 6063 Aluminium / Copper
LED 24 x Cree Chips ( Per Lamp )
LIFESPAN 30,000 Hours
CANBUS Compatible
OPERATING TEMP -40°c to + 80°c


What's In The Box:

 1 x H4 HIMOD Head Headlight LED Conversion 

1 x CANBUS Modules

Instructions Manual 


Some of these components and or parts are intended for off-road use only and may void Federal or state laws, local and state traffic regulations, or your private auto insurance policy. End-user assumes all risk with product performance and installation. HIMOD is not responsible for any bodily or mechanical harm as a result of the use or misuse of any products or product installation. 

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