Best Tail Light Upgrade For Ford Rangers 2011 – 2022

When it comes to standard OEM tail lights, these are designed for function rather than performance. In todays cars manufacturing it comes down to producing a vehicle as cost effective as possible.


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Tail light’s are hardly a top tier contender when it comes to the overall vehicle. Here are HIMOD we recognise this and offer aftermarket tail lights to combat the monotonous light design.


We offer a selection of three fully LED tail light replacements. Each with their own unique function and style. We’ve managed to build all three to the same output and functionally level while offering our customers the preference of their style.




A common misconception is that our tail lights are tinted using a spray on paint or a light film is applied. This couldn’t be further from the truth, during the manufacturing process the tail light lens while being moulded is injected with a slight black colouring creating the “ blacked – out “ effect. This creates the desired effect without the downfalls of spray on or film. For example spray on can fade, peel off and often won’t last more then 12 months, our customer can rest assured our tint is inside the moulding process and is much more durable.


Often aftermarket tail lights being LED, cause either fast flashing indicators or error codes. We’ve seen this before and developed inbuilt resistors in the tail lights so when we say plug & play we mean it. Our tail light’s won’t cause any fast flashing indicators, you’ll find the resistors on the back of the tail light. The little orange guy, he’s your friend against error codes and fast flashing indicators. We also designed them to be replaceable.


We also utilise the newest LED technology inside the LED chips of the tail lights. Currently we use Cree LED’s. As with all new tech it continues to improve and we will adapt our tail lights to suit. 


Our tail light’s are tested to IP66 ( Dustproof & Pressure wash safe ). So if washing your car every time it gets dirty, these can handle it. If washing your pride and joy isn’t your thing, the plastic lens is Polycarbonates blend designed to resit fade over time. So we’ve got your covered either way. Or if you abuse you're rig off road, these can take it as well. P.S if you go through salt water, we recommend washing the salt off the vehicle and tail light for increased longevity.


Quick & Easy Install: ( Plug & Play ):


Our tail lights are a direct replacement straight into the Ford Ranger factory car mounts. Simply install these high-quality tail lights within 10 minutes, as they plug straight into the factory wiring in the Ford Ranger. The taillights include a led parker light, led brake light, led indicator. They also include super bright led reverse light, that will easily illuminate behind you. We also include instructions and an install video.



Our Range:


Alright, let’s run you through our range:



1: Blacked Out Tail Lights Ford Ranger 2012 – 2020


These are our first Ford Ranger tail light, starting their life in 2020. Since then we’ve had thousands of customers running these, these are tried and tested. The incorporated a 3D design, utilising inbuilt LED's. These have a 3 " C " shaped running lights, followed but two " C " shaped indicators and two straight LED reverse lights.


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2: Blacked Out Tail Lights Ford Ranger 2012 – 2020 Sequential


Do you often see those Audi / Volkswagens with their fancy sequential indicators? Well, if you want to be one of those fancy people we’ve got you covered. These are our most popular Ford Ranger tail lights.


These utilise a full LED build. Starting with two U shaped parker lights, these will outshine and out preform the OEM tail light’s 10 fold. Inside the two U shaped parker lights are the brake lights, these use over 20 LED Cree chips to ensure when you’re braking everyone can see.


What you’ve been waiting for, the sequential indicators a unique addition to the HIMOD lighting range. Only our Ranger customers have access to these, with a mesmerising sweep these are sure to keep you and other road users entertained. They can easily be seen by other motorist and due to our inbuilt resistors you won’t have any fast flashing indicators.



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3: Blacked Out Tail Lights Ford Ranger 2012 – 2020 Side Running Light


The newest arrival! These tail light’s offer a distinctive lighting function. A side mounted parker light, often we see American cars getting around with this style of lighting. Here in Australia we understand some Aussies do want to make their Ute look American, we’ve got you covered.


These tail lights also feature an LED reverse light making parking at night that little bit easier. A led indicator and C shaped LED brake light.


This tail light is our staff’s pick!        


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Pick yours now and see the difference!

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