SuperNova Lighting Warranty

This policy refers to SuperNova Lighting Products Only


With a “everything will eventually wear down” mindset, we take on an overkill design attitude to build some of the toughest lights in the industry. Offering up to life time warranties, we’re dedicated in providing dependability and confidence. In the rare case something does go wrong we are here to help.


Major fault

  • Replace, repair of refund at the choice of buyer

Minor fault

  • Replace or repair at the discretion of Supernova Lighting.

We must receive a failed item back to test before despatching a replacement. Warranty period of replacements continue the remaining time of original warranty.

Our warranty period varies per product and is detailed within each product page.

Headlights/Tail lights 12 Months
General small item LEDs  12 Months up to 5 Years
Off-Road Driving Lights 12 Months  up to Limited Lifetime
LED Light Bars 12 Months  up to Limited Lifetime
LED Work Lights 12 Months up to Limited Lifetime
Underwater Lighting 12 Months
Accessories 12 Months

Supernova Lighting is not responsible for failures or damages due to negligence, abuse, collisions, incorrect installation, modification to product, tampering with seals or incorrect wiring.

When warranty is voided:

  • Goods are tampered with, disassembled, installed incorrectly or used incorrectly.
  • Damage exceeding normal wear and tear


Supernova Lighting shall not be liable for indirect, special exemplary, consequential or incidental damages arising from any failures, defects or mis-used goods including death, property damage, or personal injury.

Supernova Lighting shall not be liable for installation and or removal costs during troubleshooting or exchanging goods. Warranty covers the product only, any assoaciated costs related to installation will not be covered by Supernova Lighting.

Supernova Lighting shall not be liable for any costs incurred during packaging and handling returns, exchanges or replacements.

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