COVID 19 - Product Dispatchment Updates

Due to importation delays, our stock deliveries will be delayed coming into Australia. Our freight is delivered via Sea and unfortunately delays can be unforeseen. 

We’re monitoring this situation very closely & will update you if necessary.

Orders From: January 2022  - Now will be affected by this delay,

Please allow a 4-6 weeks wait after purchase before contacting us about your order. 

Please note ETA's are a rough estimation on arrival time. Due to the multiple complexities of logistics and freight currently, these ETA are not static and may change over time. Feel free to contact us for updates. 

Thanks for being patient during this waiting period! This is unfortunate timing & not characteristic of HIMOD but we will endeavour to ensure your delivery is with you soon!

If you'd like more information please contact us but include your order number. 

Any questions please contact us. Keep an eye on our Instagram as we update from there as well. 

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